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Onset Contractor Portal

The on-premise portal for external contractors that is totally integrated with Meridian Enterprise.

The Onset Contractor Portal (OCP) provides secure search, browse and download in addition to online submission and approval of drawing packages by external contractors for automated import into Meridian Enterprise.
Check out the latest features and updates for OCP 2019 here


  • Search, Browse and Download documents.
  • Secure access to native drawing files and PDF renditions.
  • Easy upload of zipped submittal packages for automated Meridian import.
  • Online Submittal review and approval mechanism for use by document controllers and managers.
  • Configuration of company specific validation rules for submittal packages.
  • Ease of integration with Meridian Enterprise.
  • Complete user management including registration, approval and de-activation.
  • Self-hosted portal for controlled external access.

Product Overview

For companies using Meridian to manage engineering content there is an increasing need to liaise with external parties to allow them to download documents or upload new drawings and revisions. The OCP (Onset Contractor Portal) neatly caters for these requirements of the Consumer and Contributor by delivering a secure, managed and self-hosted portal.
Consumers request access to specific assets or plant and can download native drawings and/or PDF renditions after access has been internally reviewed and approved. Contributors submit new and updated document content that can be automatically validated before approval or rejection.
As more companies outsource large portions of project drafting work to external contracting companies, demand increases for a self-service portal to manage the submission of uploaded content. Once drawings have been completed externally it is necessary to bring this content back into the Enterprise Document Management system for as-built management and maintenance.
The OCP provides an easy-to-use web interface for contractors to download or submit drawing packages at any stage of the project life-cycle. Uploaded packages are reviewed and either approved or rejected online by the asset owner, before being automatically imported into Meridian with associated meta-data.

Pain Points

How do you provide secure access to documents for external parties that don’t have a login (Active Directory) account for your network (Domain)? Allow users to self-register using an external email address that is validated, approved or rejected by the document controller or manager accessing the OCP. With access permissions in place, the external user can download specific document groups.
Similarly, project drawings completed by external contractors cause a number of pain points when received by the asset owner:

  • Drawings are often submitted on CD or via FTP requiring manual import into the internal Engineering Content Control system, costing the asset owner time and money.
  • Often no control is placed on the quality of the submittal packages, leading to incomplete meta-data for the submitted files. Incomplete meta-data makes drawing classification more challenging and time consuming for the asset owner.
  • Received drawings that have not been validated consume additional time during the book-in process before potentially being rejected for resubmission.

Search, Browse & Download

Completing an online registration form, the new user requests access to specific areas or disciplines, depending on the localized configuration of the OCP.

This request is sent to the internal document controller or manager for adjustment, approval or rejection via the OCP User Management interface.

With permissions in place the user is free to search or browse documents. Only content matching the assigned user permissions is shown in the browse structure and search results, ensuring secure managed content is available only to approved parties.

Property information is viewed by selecting a specific document and multiple documents can be selected for download or reporting.

Online Drawing Package Submission (Book-In)

The OCP addresses the pain points of the Contributor by providing an easy to use web based submission system:
Contractors submit a package of files using the following process:

  • Login with unique approved contractor credentials.
  • Upload a zipped package consisting of drawings and an associated Excel spreadsheet.
  • Await email notification stating the approval status of the package.

All of the files in the package are then automatically imported into a pre-defined folder in the Meridian Enterprise system for review and approval.

To create a book-in request the user uploads the book-in (zip) package containing documents and spreadsheet in the required format.

Book-in information includes the overall status or details on the included documents.

Online Review & Approval

The Document Controller receives an email notification whenever a new pending submittal arrives. If the submitted package conforms to the asset owners standards the drawings are released as masters in Meridian.

The Drawing Controller then approves the submission on-line. The contractor receives an automated email notification with the details of whether their submission was approved.

Book-In Package Validation

The OCP addresses the next pain point by providing configuration of validation rules. Submitted packages are checked against these rules at package upload. If the package does not meet these criteria the contractor must make the necessary adjustments to their submission and re-submit. Examples of these rules are as follows:

  • Each drawing must have a pre-defined set of properties defined in the Excel Spreadsheet included in the submission.
  • Each drawing must have a corresponding PDF rendition file.
  • Each drawing must conform to the companies drawing standard.

Meridian Enterprise Integration

Uploaded files are automatically imported into the Meridian Enterprise system, streamlining the drawing import process and alleviating a large burden that otherwise falls on the asset owner. This integration requires minimal configuration, providing a streamlined implementation for both new and established Meridian Enterprise sites.

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