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Both Meridian and Lunr provide a portal interface with external login to facilitate updates and submissions from external contractors.
Both portals are hosted on Microsoft Azure, with Lunr hosting available in Australia. Configurable validation rules provide for automated checking of upload packages.

In addition to providing an ESRI connector, Lunr provides a mapping interface, as well as the traditional document search. Location search can utilise a proximity or link to assets within a defined area.

Organisations often store drawings with other documents in enterprise systems such as SharePoint. While this is a good start, specialised engineering systems include features to support workflow review & approval, and processes such as concurrent engineering. Additionally, the complexity associated with linked drawings, models, assemblies, and parts is better managed in a system that maintains these document associations.

Viewport provides a single interface that links data from several systems, and delivers these as rendered PDF in the browser for operations and maintenance teams.

Yes. Our preference is to leverage these systems to synchronise and share data, such as equipment tags and the asset hierarchy.

For an engineering business, this content often represents the most valuable IP for the organisation. The higher the value of this content, the lower the quantity threshold may be.

With customers ranging from 3 thousand to 3 million engineering documents, look at scalability to ensure the system can grow with you.

As a general comment, there is shift towards organisations adopting a cloud-first policy when introducing new software solutions. The cloud generally provides a lower cost implementation, without requiring the purchase of servers and network infrastructure. Cloud hosting is also well suited to servicing multiple geographic locations.

Where an organisation can utilise existing infrastructure or is more focused on integrating with on-premise enterprise solutions, there may be a preference to host the solution and leverage existing systems in relation to backup and cyber-security.

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