Intelligent Engineering Content Control


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  • Costs related to maintaining disparate and obsolete document management systems across your business.
  • Compatibility with multiple core design tools used in your organisation and different locations.
  • Poor efficiency due to the absence of one collaboration platform.
  • Low productivity levels due to unnecessary duplication of documents and inefficient version control.
  • Poor quality standards that can damage your competitive advantage.
  • The risks involved with non-compliance

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  • Meridian is an Engineering Content Collaboration software solution platform which is designed to optimise business processes related to the creation, collaboration, distribution and management of 2D and 3D CAD engineering data plus all other document formats.
  • Fully CAD platform-independent, Meridian provides flexible revision management, workflow support for assets, projects and documents on a safe and secure platform using a "vault" concept.
  • Meridian enables user-level based control on the entire life cycle of assets, documents, drawings, products and installations, while protecting all technology-related data and regulatory compliance.
  • Intelligent Engineering Content Control
  • Our goal is to help our clients in lowering the threshold of implementing the best engineering content collaboration software and the best ROI in the industry.
  • Onset Design delivers compliant collaboration results in the area of CAD drawing, asset, project and document management solutions.
  • We apply a unique concept which is tailored to meet our client’s needs as opposed to trying to sell the complete set of features and functionality our solution platform has to offer.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience under our belt with clients in the engineering & design, construction, education, energy, utilities, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas and transportation industries.