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Work with information in the cloud or on premise, at your desktop or on the go with your mobile device, within your organization or with external contractors and stakeholders. Meridian Portal, Cloud and Server.

Benefits of Meridian

Meridian provides a robust, highly scalable engineering content management solution for the entire organization with Meridian Portal, Cloud and Server.

Manage Engineering Data

Wizard pages, templates, batch imports and saving to the vault from applications

Secure Access

Access to Meridian is provided through Windows authentication, utilizing your existing Windows Users and User Groups for role-based security

Find documents with full text search, quick find, key find and extended search for documents or folders within or across repositories

CAD Application Integration

Next to generic integration with MS Office applications, Meridian supports the integration with multiple CAD applications

Rendition Support

Automated PDF renditions for delivery to mobile for view & markup

Workflow & Revision Management

Automated revisioning schemas and configurable workflows

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Meridian Portal

How do you provide secure access to documents for external parties that don’t have a login account for your network? With a single portal in the cloud, offering secure, cloud-based collaboration with your extended project teams.

Drawings are often submitted on CD or via FTP requiring manual import into the internal Engineering Content Control system, costing the asset owner time and money.
Often no control is placed on the quality of the submitter packages, leading to incomplete meta-data for the submitted files.
Received drawings that have not been validated consume additional time during the book-in process before potentially being rejected for re submission.

Meridian Cloud

Empower your asset information with the speed, agility, and affordability of Meridian as a secure cloud service. Built on Microsoft Azure, Meridian Cloud provides certified secure cloud services with maximum reliability and global availability.

Global Access

Speed of Start Up

Always Up to Date

Offload IT Burden

Certified Secure

Service Levels

Meridian Server

Enrich your asset information platform with advanced capabilities and integrations through this on premise server. Integrations with other critical business systems increase interoperability and enhance efficiency.

Local Access
Off the Grid
Highly Configurable
EAM Integrations
ERP Integrations
Integrations to CAD


One Asset Information View from Multiple Systems

Single Asset View

Quality Management

Simple Deployment

Minimal Training

Tag-Doc Management

Continuous Asset Data Improvement



Lunr is an Engineering Data and Drawing Management System that takes the hassle out of storing and collaborating on engineering documentation. It does this by providing a single cloud-based platform to upload, version, securely search, and revise your content.

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Search, Browse and Download documents.
Secure access to native drawing files and PDF renditions.
Easy upload of zipped submittal packages for automated Meridian import.
Online Submittal review and approval mechanism for use by document controllers and managers.
Configuration of company specific validation rules for submittal packages.
Ease of integration with Meridian Enterprise.
Complete user management including registration, approval and de-activation.
Cloud or on-premise portal for controlled external access.
Automated Drawing Revision Numbering

GTXRaster CAD & Image CAD Series

GTXRaster CAD®, the industry-acclaimed “AutoCAD for Raster” is the most valuable raster editing and clean up software available for AutoCAD users. Modify and enhance your legacy paper drawings in your AutoCAD environment for use in your current design process. The GTXRaster CAD Series is integrated with AutoCAD’s Image Support Module (ISM), all commands, menus, and toolbars are consistent with AutoCAD 2018, providing a productive and very easy-to-learn ribbon user-interface. GTX has consistently enhanced commands to make working with images and raster editing, easier and more productive.

GTXRaster CAD PLUS adds the functionality of automatic raster to vector conversion. GTXImage CAD is the standalone solution.

For more information see the GTXRaster CAD website

GTXImage CAD website

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