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One Asset Information View from Multiple Systems

Access all information from one logical view in your browser, to aggregate data from multiple data sources. Relationships between AutoCAD and MicroStation drawing data in Meridian are connected to tag/document references in systems including SharePoint, SAP & Maximo.

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Why Viewport?

Do you have disparate systems within your organisation, storing data in multiple formats and at different locations? Viewport provides a single point of access that connects and adds value to this information, improving efficiency, safety and compliance of a plant or facility.

In a matter of weeks, Viewport makes operations-critical information available, whatever the source system or format.

Single Asset View

Viewport removes the need to remember which system has the information you need. Viewport provides a single view of all information no matter where if it is stored.

Using Viewport, there is no need to find out what application contains the information that you need. Simply login to Viewport and all of the information available for your asset is there. Up to date, trustworthy, quick and easy to find and with all connected data available to you in a simple to use, point and click interface.

Viewport works with your valuable legacy information, even scanned documents, bringing a uniform structure to all your asset data. Multiple sources are brought together into a single, logical view. Any irregularities in the integrity of data is highlighted. Inconsistencies that are not obvious when looking at a single application become immediately obvious when highlighted by Viewport.

Viewport ensures not just a single view but a single point of truth across multiple applications.

Quality Management

Viewport is an effective solution to ensure staff, stakeholders and auditors always have access to accurate and up-to-date QMS documentation.

Delivering high quality work and services is dependent on several factors. The availability and accessibility of quality related documents and standards is fundamental to ensure high quality outputs. Likewise, missing standards should be flagged to inform responsible document controllers or quality managers.

Using Viewport, quality managers can quickly build a view of all quality related documentation to meet day-to-day operational and audit requirements. Viewport’s pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities automatically identify both existing and missing documents. Standards and quality related documentation is linked inside existing documents, regardless of where they are stored.

Simple Deployment

With no system replacements or migration projects to undertake, Viewport can be operational in just a few weeks with minimal IT involvement.

Requiring minimal IT involvement, Viewport can be operational within weeks, not months or years.

A standard browser is all that is needed for a user to access Viewport. There is nothing for a user to install and Viewport supports virtually any connected device including tablets and smart phones.

Viewport requires little data cleansing, restructuring or linking prior to implementation. All available asset information is automatically and continuously analyzed, indexed and cross referenced.

By using intelligent shape, text recognition and machine-learning, Viewport is a very effective solution for retrieving data from multiple sources, regardless of format or location.

The Viewport server components can be installed on single machine either on-premise, in the cloud or in a distributed architecture for even higher performance.

Minimal Training

Viewport can be used immediately with minimal to no training. If you are familiar with using Google search then you will find Viewport just as simple.

Users can learn how to use Viewport and navigate to the needed information in as little as 20 mins. If you are familiar with using Google search, you will find Viewport just as easy.

On-boarding for new hires and contractors is dramatically reduced making the workforce more effective and user acceptance a non-issue.

Through Viewport’s simple interface, all found references are highlighted and a single click takes you to the connected information. A bit like Google Search, Viewport will provide you with suggestions as you type in the search box what you are looking for. This makes it is easy to select and navigate to the needed document or data. Viewport replaces the need to train users on multiple systems.

Tag-Doc Management

Viewport searches documents for references to other documents and data, and visualizes these references in a unique, fully integrated manner.

Viewport automatically extracts information from multiple sources, regardless of location or format.

By utilizing machine learning, such as pattern, shape and character recognition, even scanned documents and drawings can be indexed. Viewport searches documents for references to other documents and data, and visualizes these references in a unique, fully integrated manner. Viewport’s underlying Vertex Engine has the necessary ‘intelligence’ to find tag numbers and document numbers even if they are not spelt or numbered correctly.

Viewport is a complementary software application that acts as an abstraction layer above existing systems. Viewport can extract data from a wide variety of source files (such as Microsoft® Office® files, AutoCAD® DWG, MicroStation® DGN, Adobe® PDF, 100+ image formats) and a variety of source systems (ERP systems, maintenance management systems, document management systems, etc.).

Continuous Asset Data Improvement

Viewport has been designed to continuously monitor the available information, checking its integrity and highlighting differences and gaps requiring correction.

It is a long held dream or even mission of CIOs and Plant Operations Management to be able to provide a single view of all information relating to an operational plant or facility.

In an ideal world, all information is properly categorized (has the right metadata) and by using the right search criteria anything can be pulled out of a big heap of data. At the start of an engineering or construction project, using rigid data validation and control checks, proper categorization of documents and data is an attainable goal.

As we do not live in an ideal world Viewport has been designed to continuously monitor the available information, checking its integrity and highlighting differences and gaps requiring correction. Viewport takes a giant step towards realizing that dream of a single view of all asset information without causing a budgetary nightmare.

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