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Guidelines for Effective Facilities Information Management

Academic campus facilities accumulate massive amounts of facility information that can be challenging to access, archive, and properly manage. According to APPA, costs have grown by 20% in the last ten years when it comes to building, operating, and maintaining facility space at higher education institutions.

As the volume of data increases, the task becomes difficult for campuses struggling with legacy facilities information to maintain without an effective, flexible, powerful software solution.

Accruent’s engineering document management tool, Meridian, provides a comprehensive solution for managing data at educational facilities. Whether used as an on-premise server solution or through a secure Microsoft Azure-based cloud solution, Meridian is a powerful platform that

  • Is easy to configure and secure
  • Provides facility information access to disparate departments and external contractors
  • Ensures compliance with higher education-specific regulations
  • Maintains facility information integrity

“Meridian helps us by providing a powerful tool for managing our day-to-day operational functions and accessing historical data. As we continue to grow, Meridian will remain an integral part of our strategic planning.” – Lorena Griffin, Facilities Information Services Manager (Michigan State U.)

Over 100 universities use Accruent solutions to manage facility information data with ease, contact us today.

  • Image – Old Arts Building (1919-1924) in Parkville Campus of University of Melbourne. Attribution: Polly clip CC BY-SA 3.0