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Lunr BIM

The BIM space is moving quickly as a number of enterprise sites seek to incorporate models and IFCs into their working processes. It's often the case that incumbent systems competently manage 2D engineering documentation, but you need somewhere to store…
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Lunr Connectors

Previous articles have focused on the power and benefits associated with using Lunr to manage your documentation. However, unlocking the real power associated with your engineering content comes from integrations with other enterprise systems, to leverage their content and expose…
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Onset March 2023 Newsletter

Our March newsletter is now online. This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and updates. We also have the latest information on Meridian, Lunr, and 2023 workplace trends
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Meridian – PowerBI Whitepaper

We know that with Meridian, metadata is key to finding and easily retrieving our documents. In this whitepaper, we introduce you to Microsoft’s Power BI in Microsoft 365 and explore how to integrate this with your Meridian environment to give…