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Viewport 5.2 Update

The latest Viewport 5.2 version is now available and already running at client sites. It’s packed with new features, bugfixes, and improvements. Here’s what is new:

  • Custom Web Pages
  • Data Quality Report
  • Line Number Support
  • Workfolders
  • Markup Enhancements
  • GeoJSON and GIS Enhancements
  • TrendMicro GRID Program
  • Subscription-based Licensing

Viewport 5.2 is available now. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Web Pages

Web Pages make it easy to add custom pages to Viewport that contain content such as headings, lists, links, and images, and interactive elements such as charts, embedded documents, and iframes.

Data Quality Report

One of the key benefits of Viewport is that it highlights missing information. By combining data from various sources, end users can see that equipment data is missing in the maintenance system or that drawings are missing in a transmittal. With the new Data Quality report, Viewport gives you a unique insight into data quality for any given site or asset across any set of source files.

You can export the various Data Quality metrics to Excel. This provides a basis for systematically improving the quality of your data.

Line Number Support

Inches, feet, fractions, quotes, underscores, backslashes, dashes… Line numbers have a way of escaping any kind of standard notation. Viewport 5.2 makes working with line numbers a breeze!


Documents and tags can be added to the new “workfolders” that make it easy to group and share content from existing source systems. Individual items can be added by clicking on “Add to workfolder” at the top of the screen. They can be removed in the Workfolders pane on the left-hand side. It is possible to print, download and share content in Workfolders via the standard “Share” function. This will e-mail a link that contains just the shared files and nothing more. Ideal for contractors!

Markup Enhancements

We added several new features to the Markup capabilities of Viewport: a new Cloud drawing tool was added, you can lock the currently selected tool, the eraser works when you keep the mouse buttons pressed, and when you add the text you can immediately start typing. All the markup that is visible in the current file is added to the “Print” and “Download PDF” functionality, so sharing has never been easier!

GeoJSON Enhancements

The GeoJSON map viewer can render tag number locations on this map as well. Clicking on a GeoJSON feature will detect tag numbers that are mentioned in the GeoJSON feature’s description and show the related tag in a popup automatically.

TrendMicro GRID Program

Viewport is now part of the TrendMicro GRID program. This means that with every new release of Viewport 5.1 and Viewport 5.2 (or higher) the Viewport binaries are scanned for viruses by TrendMicro. Once the binaries are validated, they are added to the TrendMicro “safe applications” list. Previously, Viewport could be quarantined by TrendMicro when it was creating large amounts of (temporary) files during heavy workloads. Thanks to the TrendMicro GRID program this will no longer be the case!

Subscription-based Licensing

Viewport now offers subscription-based licensing: you set the license renewals once and the subscription-based renewals do the rest! This makes it much easier to grant prospects, developers and clients access to Viewport without having to log in and renew a time-limited license every time.