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Enabling Everyone in the Company to Access Critical Asset Information
From the Legacy DMS and Other Systems

Company Profile

Tronox Group employs 6,660 employees across six continents and is a leader in the manufacture of titanium dioxide products.

Tronox has an uncompromising focus on operating safe, reliably and responsibly. This focus combined with rich diversity, unmatched vertical integration model, and unparalleled operational and technical expertise across the value chain, positions Tronox as the preeminent titanium dioxide producer in the world.

Results and Benefits

Viewport analyses the content and identifies how information is connected by employing a combination of artificial intelligence, pattern and shape recognition as well as sophisticated OCR techniques.

Tronox used Viewport to analyse, index, and categorise the content and
make it ready for import into a new DMS. Viewport delivered reliable
information search and retrieve option for its existing data set.

Viewport, as a complementary solution, is still in place today alongside the new DMS system and is the primary source of information for the majority of the consumers.

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