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Meridian 2021 Release

The 2021 release adds some exciting new features to the Meridian Server, making it more powerful and seamless than ever before. Check out the latest upgrades below:

Waiting List
The Waiting List is a new option to manage documents in concurrent projects. Concurrent Project Copies of a document can be created, but engineering can only be done on the active Project Copies. The other Project Copies are waiting for work on the active PC to complete. The priorities of the waiting PCs can be changed to accommodate changing plans.

The Waiting List enables you to organize engineering work across a project portfolio while at the same time, avoid the risk associated with merging updates from multiple engineers working in multiple projects.

Hotspot “v2”
Meridian 2021 makes the hotspot capability currently found in AutoVue available for rendition in PDFTron, and greatly improves the usability.

When the user hovers over a hotspot, a panel with key information is shown to help identify the object or document related to the hotspot. A single hotspot can now point to multiple objects or documents.

Hotspots can be automatically extracted from AutoCAD and MicroStation drawings based on blocks in the drawing. Hotspots can also be manually added or corrected.

The resolution of the hotspot target is based on a query, in contrast to the reference-based approach in AutoVue hotspots. This makes hotspot resolution dynamic, adapting to information being added to or removed from the Vault or Repository.

Layer Translation
The layer structure of a CAD drawing can be very granular, to a level which is not relevant for Maintenance & Operations. The new Layer Translation feature in Meridian 2021 allows you to group and color-code layers, making the drawing content more accessible to O&M personnel.

Sites and User Management and Configuration Delegation
In Meridian 2021, users can be organized in Sites to improve user management across multiple sites served from a central Meridian installation. Management of site-specific user groups can be delegated to on-site user.

Also, parts of the Meridian and Explorer configuration (Views and Reports) can be delegated to on-site users to better address local needs.

New Render Engine for Office and Images
Meridian 2021 adds a render engine based on the ‘Aspose’ rendering library. With this render engine you can create rendition for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio without having to install the Office applications. Most image format and HTML are also supported.

This new render engine reduces the deployment and maintenance effort for the Publisher, and significantly improves performance and stability for the supported file formats.

Meridian Server 2021 is available now. Contact us to learn more.

Other Improvements

Other improvements in Meridian 2021 are:

  • Improved positioning of print stamps
  • Meridian Portal integration improvements
  • Print current view in PDFTron
  • Zero-install batch print and download in Explorer