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What’s New In Meridian Enterprise 2021 R2

Major improvements made in Meridian Enterprise 2021 R2 include:

  • Renditions Updater Tool — When you move from using AutoViewer to using PDFTron, you must create renditions for all previous revisions of your documents in the Vault. To simplify this process, there is a new Renditions Updater tool that allows you to generate these renditions in bulk.
  • Commands on Search Results — You can now perform bulk updates on files by executing commands on search results. This functionality allows you to make changes to your documents more quickly.
  • Confirmation Pages — You can now add confirmation pages to several events sequences in VBScript.
  • New Quick Change — If your vault is configured to use new Quick Change, workflow events are triggered instead of working copy events, and Quick Change privileges are replaced with Workflow settings.
  • Lock Documents and Synchronize Workspace — You can now synchronize your workspace in PowerWeb, as well as lock documents and synchronize your workspace.
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe — The Change Subscription command in PowerWeb has been split into four separate commands: Subscribe, Subscribe to Project, Unsubscribe, and Unsubscribe from Project. Additionally, you can now subscribe or unsubscribe multiple users in a batch, if you have the Allow Management of Subscriptions for others privilege.
  • A new Meridian help site.

Additional minor enhancements, third-party application support, and bug fixes are also included.