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OCP 2019 Updates

Our contractor portal team has been putting the finishing touches on the 2019 release. This version features a new modernized look and feel, along with a suite of new functionality. 

In this post, we’ll outline some of the highlights in this release that we’re particularly excited about.

New layout

A new layout has been adopted in order to maximize the screen space available for reviewing and collaborating on documents. The navigation bar now sits on the left-hand side, with auxiliary actions (such as download) available in the new actions panel.  

Improved document search

While OCP has always had support for finding documents via meta-data tags, we now also include an auto-complete based full-text search. This can be very useful for finding documents when you only have a rough idea as to the classification.

Document book-out workflow

The book-out workflow allows users to request a package of documents from the contractor portal. Once approved by a project manager, a download link is made available to the requestor.

Project-based reporting

You can now keep up to date with the status of your project using the new project reporting module. Some of the reports available include:

  • Listing all drawings still outstanding to a project.
  • Analysis of book-in validation errors and trends.
  • Project activity analysis.
  • and more..

Native and PDF Viewing

You can now view thumbnails, native documents, and PDFs directly in the contractor portal without needing to first download the file to your local machine. This allows for quick reviews on the documents within the portal.

Document collections

You can now save collections of documents to your OCP user profile. You can think of these link favorited sets of drawings that you may want to come back to later.

Ad-hoc uploads

We’ve received feedback from a number of customers that whilst book-in packages were convenient for large batches of documents, there are cases where a contractor may only wish to upload two or three documents to a project. In these cases, creating a book-in package can become tedious. To address this feedback we’ve introduced a new ad-hoc upload feature, which allows documents to be uploaded individually without a full ZIP file. Document meta-data can then be provided directly within the website user interface as an alternative to the standard spread-sheet based approach. Ad-hoc uploads still go through the same book-in and validation workflow as ZIP packages to maintain data quality.

Cloud Support (Coming soon..)

We’re also working on a cloud-based version of the portal. This will run as a stand-alone repository on Microsoft Azure and will be available under a subscription license agreement with Onset. We’ll be opening up early access to this product later this year. Contact us if you’d like to more information. 

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