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Lunr Connectors

Previous articles have focused on the power and benefits associated with using Lunr to manage your documentation. However, unlocking the real power associated with your engineering content comes from integrations with other enterprise systems, to leverage their content and expose documents to a wider audience.

A couple of examples illustrate this. Firstly, utilise the asset hierarchy from systems such as Maximo or Ellipse to structure engineering content relating to assets. This allows you to position a QR code at the asset location to provide a link to the related documentation.

Secondly, Esri layers exposed in the Lunr map view are available to show the physical location of assets. Using your mobile device, allows you to retrieve all drawings within a given radius of the asset location.

The following connectors are available today:

– CAD (including AutoCAD and MicroStation)
– Esri
– Ellipse
– Maximo
– Archibus
– MazeMap
– SISfm

While the connectors listed above are available off the shelf, Lunr has a fully documented API to ensure integrations with enterprise systems are part of your solution.